In the series Trapped Within the Image of Ourselves, I wanted to explore the idea of what we display as ourselves to the outside world. I wanted to consider how we present a picture of ourselves as a persona to others as we go about our everyday interactions.

Considering identity as a construct of what society has deemed as acceptable, in terms of gender & beauty. And thinking of how we speak, dress and behave having been moulded based on what we've learnt from movies, the media, our family members and society in general. I wanted to consider how we portray a version of ourselves that feels socially acceptable in order to feel safe and feel like we belong. I also considered how different these personas would be had we not consumed so much conditioning and what could be different if we tried to step away from certain elements.

More than ever we see personas presented for the consumption and acceptance of others through social media. Mimicking styles in order to attract more followers and likes. The personas we present are then required by society to be maintained in order to appear authentic. How many of us are trapped in ways of being, normalised by society and the roles we inhabit.

Society’s expectations of women may on one level seem invisible but as we butt up against them we can sense and feel when we do not neatly sit within their bounds.

I wanted to explore this concept by using the grey/blue acrylic paint to show the invisible becoming visible as the subject in the image collides against the bounds that contain them. The bounds that represent societal expectations of what it is to be a woman.


This work considers our ever shifting idenitities & how our external world alters and shapes who we become.

Exploring the Third Shift. The Invisible Labour of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Refine, Purify, Minimise. Interrogating the beauty ideals society places on women.