A series of images presented in a family album format that seek to make visible the emotional labour of parents in early parenthood. Using embroidery threads to repair the physical ruptures in the prints the images represent the work that goes into building familial bonds between caregiver and child.

Rupture & Repair aims to provide a counterbalance to the ideals, stereotypes and presentations of early parenthood.

The images reflect on times when parents are stretched further than they thought possible, when they withstand more than they thought they could and yet still in all their messy human-ness, love more than they ever expected.

It is in these moments that bonds are made, relationships are built and the foundations of what we think of as family are created. When in the hardest moments, against all odds, we choose to love.

Repairs that follow ruptures build stronger bonds. Without periods of struggle, families would not understand the strength of the bonds that hold them together in times of adversity. So, I felt they deserved a spot in the family album.

The prints were physically damaged and later mended with embroidery thread to represent the rupture and repair that happens as an integral part of the parent-child relationship.

The stitched repairs also represent threads being woven through time, into the fabric of our being, a weaving of the past into the present, of what came before being woven into what we have become.

I see female lineage as a conduit for handing down skills and knowledge, whilst at the same time holding the potential for changing stereotyped narratives for future generations. It is my intention to challenge the often unthought-of ways in which we perpetuate stereotypes and ways of being and provide an alternative way of viewing and valuing the roles often thought of as feminine in society.

Adele Annett Rupture & Repair 2022


Using collage and mixed media to reflect on identity.

Looking at how we curate the image of ourselves that we present to the world.

Refine, Purify, Minimise. Interrogating the beauty ideals society places on women.