My hair was left to grow a little wild through the pandemic, neglected and left untended, it served as a metaphor of sorts.

Now that “Freedom Day” has passed here in the UK and the majority of the restrictions have been removed, it is slowly feeling like time to reflect, reassess and dare to look forward. As I start to redefine life on the other side of endless lockdowns and homeschooling I can’t help but take a look back at myself and start to pick up the pieces of what was tossed to one side as demands outstripped energetic supplies.

The long, dead ends, split and un-nurtured suddenly felt like they needed to be shed. A new head of hair that looked more considered and cared for to be left in its place.

As I cut away at the last 18 months of neglected growth, I feel ready to embark afresh on what is to come next. It felt like a ceremony of sorts, celebrating and stepping out of darker times back into the light and joy of a somewhat more normal and nurturing existence.

I desperately want to feel like the worst of the pandemic is behind us. As I tentatively wait to see what the winter brings at least I know I’ve had a moment to collect myself, replenish and reflect before heading into another battle.


Using collage and mixed media to reflect on identity.

Looking at how we curate the image of ourselves that we present to the world.

Refine, Purify, Minimise. Interrogating the beauty ideals society places on women.