2023 : A Summer Haze

I linger

on memories of you

As I close my eyes

I can feel your skin

gently under my finger tips

They remember you well

Summer Haze

My lips brush softly over you

as I soak you up

and fill myself

with the love of you

My heart is filled to the brim

with you

I feel ready to burst

wide open

so everything inside of me

can flow back to you

I free fall

deeply and completely....

in love....

Every time the light

catches my eye

I am reminded of you...

bathed in morning sunlight

as I watch you wake up

Feeling like I used up

a lifetime of luck

just to be there beside you

There's an ache

in my chest

where I am tethered,

tethered to you.

And it pulls,

pulling at me

to bring myself

back to you.

My body and soul


where they're meant to be

they scream at me

in not so quiet ways

my mind tries to keep up

I drift...

in and out

of a daydream

remembering your touch

If wishing

hard enough

could get me back to you

I'd already be there

Never ready to leave

forever wanting

to be near you

I long for days,

days on end

where we can just be.

You and me,

with nowhere to go

and nothing to keep us apart

Until then,

I will keep daydreaming

of you


what it feels like

to be close enough.


A continuation of my work based on what comes from dream states, intuition and embodied knowledge.

Allowing a stream of consciousness to weave itself around images taken whilst feeling connected to embodied feelings and intuition.

Playing with creativity that comes from a place not of logical and well planned ideas, but allowing it to flow freely, by connecting to the parts of ourselves that we don't often spend a lot of time listening to.