Using 8 different face masks & their descriptions I reflect on how women are sold certain messages and aspirations by the beauty industry & Society.

By mimicking the beauty lighting, all the shadows were removed, adding a second layer of meaning to the work. A metaphor for how we hide our shadow side and less desirable aspects of ourselves as we try to present an aspirational ideal.

Minimise | Refine | Reduce | Brighten | Radiate | Purify | Tone | Rejuvenate

In the series, I wanted the sequence of masks to tell a story. A story of how we start out just wanting to simply tone or be a little more radiant but the endpoint becomes much bleaker as we buy into more and more messages about how much of ourselves we feel we need to change. It felt fitting that the final image of the series should be “minimise”.

Showing that in the process of trying to be something else we do over time minimise our true selves in order to conform to an unachievable aesthetic.


Using collage and mixed media to reflect on identity.

Looking at how we curate the image of ourselves that we present to the world.

This work considers our ever shifting idenitities & how our external world alters and shapes who we become.