January 28, 2022

Work in progress

Today I started working on this term’s WIP. After discussing my different ideas with Sarah I now feel like I have some direction which has given me a push to get started.

I started by using a moodboard, and some idea sketches. What I’m exploring in this work is the relationship between what of ourselves we are willing to show to others and also what others choose to see. Over the course of this project I will look at different ways to obscure the self portraits to only allow partially revealed sections to be revealed.

To enable the camera to focus on me behind the cutout paper I had to first take a self portrait using autofocus with the paper removed. I marked my position with the ruler on the floor. I then checked for focus and set the camera to manual focus. Replacing the paper screen I could then stand in my marked position behind it and accurately focus the camera on what was behind the cut out holes.