June 27, 2022

Week 5 – Mould & Decay Experiements

After shooting the Vanitas set up I had a desire to let it all rot and photograph the decay in a sort of time-lapse fashion. Everyone said that was crazy and I’d end up with rats.

My multiple images that overlapped from week 1 were about time passing. And the intro video I created was about beauty products selling the idea that we can stop and reverse time (ageing process).

Everything has been about time passing and ultimately death. It’s something that becomes a focus after having a child, the passing of time, the horror of death and what we will leave behind, and the grief our children when we’re gone.

I then thought about the ageing process and the passing of time and the rotting of all the things on the vanitas table. The mould. I wondered if I could somehow create mould over an image.

I ended up looking at Petri dishes and growing mould and I have decided to try putting an image in the bottom of the dish before adding the gelatine solution and then letting mould grow over the photographs. I’m thinking of using the mother and daughter portraits I take each year on mothers day as a way to show the relationship over time and the ever-shifting and nudging forwards towards an inevitable end.

Potato Based Agar
Gelatin Based Agar