February 24, 2022

week 5 – 1:1

The timing of the 1:1 has been perfect. I’ve been experimenting for the last 4-5 weeks and I now feel as though I’m in a place where I need to hone in on the direction in which my WIP is going. At the moment, everything is very dispersed and not at all cohesive. Which has been wonderfully freeing in terms of allowing myself time and space to play and experiment. However, I’m becoming increasingly aware that I now need to find a thread that can hold everything together to create a more cohesive project of work. Some elements of my experimentation have worked much better than others but I’m not quite sure yet which parts of the more successful pieces I’ll use as a basis for the rest of my work.

During the 1:1 Sarah was very supportive of the work I’ve done so far. We discussed what elements I’d most enjoyed and which I felt had been most successful. I explained how I wasn’t sure if the elements I enjoyed the most were because they were new and novel, as they were the works that involved other media which is something I’m really excited by but which I’m not yet at a stage of refining to the same standard where I’m as happy with the output as when I produce a stand-alone photograph.

The elements I was least happy with were the images where I shot through the paper cutouts. These felt like they lacked depth and seemed a little lost alongside the other pieces of work I’ve been experimenting on. Perhaps there was too much negative space around the cutouts for these images to be successful. There just didn’t seem to me, to be enough of a focal point on what was behind the paper for the images to work. Many of the other layering images didn’t feel like they were working either. I questioned whether this is because they were quick rough drafts of my ideas and whether better execution would alter my opinion, but I just don’t think they’re working in the way I had envisioned in my mind. I think I needed more layers but in adding more layers the image no longer worked and there were too many elements to work through to get to the idea.

I quite liked the digital manipulations that I produced and these, I felt, accurately reflected the idea of how we alter and manipulate who we are online, particularly on social media platforms. The short video clips were in a way mesmerising, in a similar way to which we’re mesmerised by our own ability to morph into something unrecognisable with the latest filter. The moving image also seemed to represent how platforms like Instagram have moved away from the static digital image to moving, filtered snippets of representation.

We both agreed that the work with dots, threads and 3D shapes were the most interesting. My personal concern is how the different works can be brought together to create a cohesive project for this term’s WIP. I understand that they’re linked by the message I’m trying to communicate, but I’m personally struggling with wanting to make them flow and connect to each other in order for the parts to create something more significant as a whole, rather than feel weak because of their lack of cohesion.

Perhaps as Sarah mentioned they don’t need to be anything other than they are, perhaps people don’t need to know the message behind them, perhaps they could just be and be interesting without me wanting to mould them into something else. All food for thought as we enter reading week.

I’ve signed up for the symposium class on creating Project Statements which I think could be of particular benefit to this body of work. The writing and consideration of my intent may help clarify what I do next in terms of refining and completing the project.