It’s been a productive week in terms of shooting this week. I’ve tried out several ideas and I’ve also got some images that I can get printed and start obscuring with different media. Below is a selection of images that I’ve created. I’m not quite sure how everything is going to evolve or how it will come together for my end of module submission but it feels good to be experimenting and trying out my ideas.

I think I improved the lighting this week whilst shooting through the cutout paper. Last week I used a beauty dish to light myself behind the paper. My reason for this choice was that I wanted there to be contrast between the light and shadows to give depth to the image. What I hadn’t considered was how little light would spill onto the front of the paper, resulting in my green paper being very dark. This week I used a rectangular soft box (turned landscape orientation) so that the light both caught myself and the front of the paper. I much prefer the results and I still got deep shadows because the paper itself blocked off some of the light falling onto me so there was enough contrast for the image to have depth right the way through.

This set of images was heavily influenced by the Francis Bacon Exhibition I went to last week. I originally hadn’t considered digital manipulation of the portraits but after seeing his paintings I thought that there was a sense that the paint had been smudged whilst wet, and shifted the elements of the faces he painted. I thought I could try using the smudge tool in photoshop to see what happened. These are the results. I recorded videos of the process more as a visual diary but it’s quite interesting to watch them back too.

Adele Annett WIP 2022 | Digital Manipulation
Adele Annett Work in Progress 2022

Some of the colours of paper I used didn’t look aesthetically pleasing to me after I edited them so I thought I’d play around with the colours in post-production. I am still very much at the early stages of experimentation with my ideas and I don’t yet have a vision for what I’m aiming for but I think if I keep working through all of the ideas I have at some point I’ll be able to pull it all together.

In the coming week, I intend to use perspex with various media painted over it to shoot a portrait through. My initial thoughts are to try ink, acrylic paint, acrylic liquid and possibly liquid watercolour to see which effects work best. I’ve also had the idea for my daughter (who is 5) to use face paints to draw a picture of me on the perspex and photograph through that, her image of me obscuring me in the frame.

Something else i want to work on this week is editing some other images i took, i shot a series of portraits at varying angles and id like to try putting these together in some way, similar to the David Hockney images perhaps, or maybe play around more collaging them together, perhaps even stitching together different elements or using them on my multi sided shapes.

I’ve also bought some mirrored card which I’d like to cut out and arrange over some prints. I’m interested in experimenting with reflective surfaces so the viewer literally sees something of themselves in the photograph when viewing it.

Last Weeks Work

From this weeks Canvas content

Gregory Crewdson

I also watched the documentary Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters which was really interesting to see. It was full of behind the scenes footage of his work and process.

We also looked at Jeff Wall’s idea that photographers fall into two categories Hunters & Farmers. There are parallels to the Windows and Mirrors analogy used by John Szarkowski.

Tim Walker – Wonderful Things

I remember going to see this exhibition at the V&A. I love Tim Walkers work and this exhibition was like a wonderland of eye candy. I’ve never seen these videos before which show the behind the scenes of the creation of his work. This was a fascinating watch and it was interesting to see that Tim Walker draws on such a wide range of inspiration for his work.

Age of the Image (2020)