February 6, 2022

Week 2 Research (Methods)

I found this video of Thomas Struth’s very interesting and relevant to my current WIP. Particularly the work which looks at how people look at and see artworks. Although I‘m interested in how people look at and see other people I see a connection to this work. The environment, the circumstances, the distractions and preoccupations of the viewers, what ideas, presumptions and experiences they bring with them as they see. I find it incredibly interesting to flip the camera on those doing the looking rather than looking at what they’re looking at, it to me says a lot more about culture, society and human nature than the image they’ve all flocked to look at.

Hertta Kiiski

https://www.herttakiiski.com/ I’m intrigued by the interaction of photographic elements and fabric/stitching in this work. I have previously considered printing images on to fabric and adding stitching and also using stitching on paper prints.

Niina Vatanen

https://www.niinavatanen.com/#images When I saw this work it made me think of the idea I had to use holes or dot stickers to mark prints with. It’s definitely a way to consider obscuring the images I’m my latest wip.

Annette Messager


I love how Annette Messager shows her work, her installations have been really inspiring in terms of how my own images could be viewed. I’ve been thinking about using mirrors or reflective surfaces in my work and also having the work be interactive so the viewer can choose a perspective/position to view from, that impacts how the portraits will be seen.


John Baldessari

I really love the bright and bold colours and shapes used in these images. Another way in which I could obscure both what I want to reveal and what people can see in my current wip.

Chris Levine

When Sarah mentioned all the different images Chris Levine took of the queen I was intrigued as to what they might look like. I was pleasantly surprised to see something very different to what I would normally expect to see of a royal portrait. I particularly love the pink screen prints!

David Hockney

One of my ideas is to stitch together portraits from different angles, so the viewer can see different aspects of the portrait together on one plane, whilst still not getting a sense of the person as a whole. These images by David Hockney were how I’d envisioned them sitting together before I realised it was Hockney’s work I was remembering.

Alexandra Lethbridge

An interesting idea to obscure the print by folding it back on itself.

KAROLINA ĆWIK – Don’t look at me


Really love this work particularly because it relates to the impact of motherhood on identity. I don’t think I will take anything from this work in my current series but I saved it for future ideas. Saying that one of my ideas is to get my daughter to paint a picture of me with facepaint pens on acrylic and then use the picture to shoot through, obscuring my portrait. So perhaps the third image ties into my current WIP after all!

Helena Almeida

Helena Almeida came up again this week. I’m sure I’ve noted her work in my CRJ before but I wanted to put it here again so that I can keep track of this modules influences. This work has influenced my ideas for my daughter to paint my portrait on acrylic plexiglass and then for me to shoot my portrait through her image of me.

Steph recommended looking at the following artists as a reference for how they write about their work:

https://www.origersht.com/ and https://www.steffiklenz.co.uk/