April 11, 2022

WEEK 10 – prints as thread

This week I continued to experiment…

Mandy asked about the threads used in my stitching work and whether they had meaning, perhaps from old clothing. I had been considering making thread from paper/photos after watching a tutorial by Gimena Romero on Domestika called Experimental Embroidery techniques on paper. I had also recently bought some canvas “paper” to use in an inkjet printer. I had a thought to try and print on the canvas and see if I could unweave the printed threads….

I soon learnt that the weave of the canvas meant I could only retrieve threads from the shorter length of the A4 page so I could get a 21cm length of printed threads.

As I lay them down rather than thinking about stitching them into the photographs I started to think how I could use a collection of these threads in a more abstract way, a deconstruction of an image, an unweaving of an identity.

The threads were too fine to be decipherable and too rigid to be useful. I started to think about how I could retrieve thicker threads and it occurred to me that by cutting the paper finely I’d get something close to threads (below: bottom right). I started to experiment with different widths of paper and what I could create with them. The superfine strips looked messy and indecipherable when I tried to use them but the thicker ones had much more interest. Which is similar to the work Mandy had been doing with her weavings. I had a different intent, I didn’t want to blend 2 people I want to jumble various memories of myself to give a sense of the jumbled sense of self you get from looking back over family photo albums.



Paper 3D shape nets


Paper Weaving Patterns