I had such a fabulous 1:1 with Sarah today. It’s really helped give me clarity and focus so that I can get started with this module’s WIP. I showed Sarah a PDF of my work so far and then some ideas and past experimentation. There was another idea that I showed her in relation to invisible labour but we agreed that may be more suited to a longer time frame and would work very well as an FMP project.

Sarah noted that the rest of my ideas and experimentation were actually in some ways quite similar because they all followed a similar concept/theme. She suggested that perhaps I could work across all of these ideas to create a consolidated project containing elements of each. This really excited me as I love to work on many different ideas at once and so this strategy would keep me engaged and excited.

I’ve booked tickets to see the Francis Bacon exhibition at the Royal Academy next which is is really exciting too.

Sarah also provided some great references of artists which I’ve added to my ongoing inspiration post for the module.

In the Course content, we watched this video where Stephen Shore spoke about his work. I like that he wanted to take pictures as we see rather than using the conventions of photographic framing. He also spoke of structurally dense images and images full of conscious attention.


John Szarkowski (1966) The Photographer’s Eye

The Thing Itself (it deals with the actual)
The Detail
The Frame
Time (length of exposure)
The Vantage Point (unexpected points of view)

Uta Barth

Uta Barth’s work was shown in this weeks lecture and I enjoyed the beauty of the soft focus and abstract nature of her images, the colours are beautiful. I particularly like the series, Field 1995-98 https://utabarth.net/work/field/

What is a Photograph? Exhibition

Calum Colvin – Constructed worlds