My first photoshoot was using the method of repeat photography. I set up a camera on a tripod with an interval timer set and sat on the sofa. I sat/lay in four different positions whilst my daughter climbed all over me as she played. There was a lot of giggling fun being had throughout the shoot but once I started to layer the images to create a sense of movement I was left with a very different feeling and perspective on the images. As I was mostly static in the frame the movement of my daughter in all directions rendered me invisible in the layered images. I became lost in the play. The combined limbs of my daughter in motion visually consume me. Feeling a sense of loss of myself is a recurring theme in my work and not something I was aiming to explore in this exercise.

I set up another shoot where I set the shutter speed really slow to capture the movements of me cleaning. Using the time-lapse function again I repeatedly shot a sequence of movements.