March 31, 2021

How styling and lighting can change your brand message

Chocolate truffles have to be my all-time favourite! I mean, I love all chocolate, but I really love the rich creaminess of a truffle, there’s something really indulgent about them. But this post isn’t really about truffles. It’s about what we think and feel when we see an image of truffles. It’s about how the photographer can guide the viewer into thinking exactly what the creator of the truffles wants you to know.

dark and moody styling product photography kent

For these truffles I worked with both a dark and moody and then a light and airy set up.

Finding out what style is required is one of the first things I discuss with potential clients. It’s so important that your images reflect your brand and your products. I took these images to show you how much of a difference the styling and lighting can make to the feel of an image. I think you’ll agree you get a different feeling from the two different setups. I’m pretty sure some people would have a strong preference for which style would most likely convince them to make a purchase.


Which is your favourite?

For me the darker and more moody style makes me think of being cosy on an evening and curling up on the sofa with a glass of red wine and some truffles. Have a luxurious evening and feeling a bit pampered.

The lighter image against the white background makes me think that the truffles might be healthier in some way, perhaps even good for me.

Can you see how the styling can impact the assumptions a viewer might have of your product?


Now imagine clients scrolling on Instagram, they can’t be bothered to stop and read your captions (because let’s face it, how many times do we stop to read the caption unless the image grabs us). What is your unique selling point? What is it that you want them to know about your product in that split second that it takes for them to consume your post? That it’s healthy? indulgent? high-end? artisan?

Knowing what you want your potential clients/customers to think and feel when they see your products is THE key to creating images that will stop your customers in their tracks and read the caption or buy your thing!

So brainstorm some ideas or list out some words that you want people to associate with your product. It’s the very first step and a really fundamental exercise in getting your product noticed by the people who are most likely to buy it.

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