September 24, 2021

Researching ideas for the module

At the end of the positions and practice module, I had a rough plan for what I would be doing in the coming year. As we embark on this new module I have come to realise that the idea of a free flow to and fro between multiple different ideas in parallel possibly isn’t going to suit the structure of the requirements of the course. For example, one area I’ve been looking into is very experimental but it would seem that strand of work is better suited to a later module focused on experimentation. Having learnt that what’s produced in the module stays in the module and can’t be used again in future modules, it’s made me consider that I may have to leave the experimentation aspect to a later date so the work can be fully utilised in a module where it most fulfils the assignment brief. That’s not to say I won’t experiment but there is a whole section of work I wanted to do that was specifically about hybrid photography and it feels like that should sit in another module.

Restriction of work not carrying over into other modules

The other thing I have realised after seeing the assignment briefs is that this is the module where we produce a sort of “final output” of our work in progress. As this is our first carousel module of the three the initial thought was that it seemed a bit backwards to be thinking about output before we’ve really had a chance to start our year-long project (which in reality is more three smaller projects around a similar theme since we can’t re-show any work from previous modules). It also feels very early in our self initiated work to be organising a collaborative element. I guess what I mean by that is it would feel more natural to be considering these things had we already completed two-thirds of our projects. That being said I can see how not being able to use work from past modules does kind of put all students in the same boat.

Considering the output

The above two realisations have led me to rethink my approach to this module. Firstly, that I will leave the work I was doing altering prints and rephotographing them until a later module. Secondly, I need to consider the work I do in this module in terms of the output I will create.

If I were to continue with the work I’d done in P&P, looking at beauty, societal and advertising ideals of women it would very much lend itself to a glossy magazine type output. If I am to venture down the route of metaphor, layers, threads and female identity I feel the output would be better suited to something that perhaps incorporates layers and threads into the output and thus a handmade book would be more suited to the style of work.

Again this has also led to the realisation that I need to really define what I’m working on in this module as doing different things in tandem may result in a whole section of work being unsuited to the output and I may wish I’d left it for a future module.

Where I am right now

I’ve been researching different outputs and I am really drawn to a very tactile handmade book with layers and threads which might lead the choice of the work I’m going to create.

I am wondering if there’s an expectation of the number/breadth of images in our WIP.

A photobook could be anything from a stylish 12 images on 12 pages to a book much thicker with several images per page thoroughly documenting a process.

Are we expected to be selective and really narrow down our WIP images in order for the book/zine to work successfully and the editing out of what’s not included is more important than the showing of our progress and how our work has evolved?

I guess what I’m getting at is, I wonder what breadth and depth of photographic work is expected or if it’s less relevant and the thought and process of the book/zine is what they’re after.

We could spend the module developing a lot of photographic work and then not put a lot of it in a book because of how it fits/flows together as a book. Perhaps if the quality and the thought process of the book is what’s important we need to focus more time and energy there? I

Is considering the edited version and flow of our output what is actually assessed here rather than the breadth and depth of the work we produce.

There was an idea that 3-4 seconds per page of a zine/book was sufficient time for a tutor to see the work on that page. Which I guess means they’re not studying the images. More getting a feel for them and the story they tell within the book/zine.

Layers & threads

Female identity, seeing the world through different lenses/layers.

Identity: using the metaphor of being woven from the threads of our experience both within society and of what we inherit from others.


I took some Domestika courses relating to needlework with paper and using photography with embroidery which is documented here.

I have a strong desire to work in a tactile hands-on way with the photography I create.