Sophie Ebrard. I didn’t want to be a Mum.

Patty Carroll. Anonymous Women: Domestic Demise.

Sarah Pabst. Morning Song

“Morning Song is a very personal project about motherhood, love, life and also about dealing with a loss – and therefore about healing.”

Double Portrait by Cemre Yeşil Gönenli

Jessa Fairbrother Artist Talk

I attended Jessa’s Artist Talk with The Photographer’s Gallery on 8 Dec 2021. Drawn to the intricate needlework it was fascinating to hear Jessa talk about her process and her work. I still have a desire to work with images by altering them in some way and Jessa’s work is a beautiful example of one way in which it can be done. Jessa’s influences include Mari Mahr, John Stezaker and Helen Sear. Seeing how Jessa’s work has evolved over time was very interesting as well as hearing about how she developed her concepts. (her blog documents her creative practice and is fascinating to follow).

Penny Slinger Artist Talk

I attended Penny’s Artist Talk with The Photographer’s Gallery on 1 Dec 2021.

What I found most fascinating about her work was the range of different techniques that she uses. Penny talked about who influenced her work (such as Max Ernst) and what it was about those influences that she sought to use in her own work. I was most interested in the series “50% The Visible Woman” and her “Mirror Series”. Not only did Penny talk through her work in chronological order which gave a greater understanding to her overall body of work but she also showed her sketchbooks which documented her idea development. I found the use of different mediums very interesting and felt drawn to the collage work as I consider how I might incorporate this method into my own practice.

Rachel Wallace Artist Talk

I attended Rachel’s Artist Talk with Red Eye where Rachel discussed her methodology when altering images to create new artwork. I hadn’t fully appreciated how closely she tries to line up the images which she overlays and it was fascinating to watch her work with some images during the talk to discuss her ideas for placement and what she felt worked and didn’t.

Nilufar Nuthall – The Dressing of an Octopus.

Again it is the overlaying of the images that drew me to this work. That and the layering of mother and child as an exploration of the mother-child relationships. I found this work incredibly inspiring and seeing the photographs presented in a video format with sound really added to the presentation of the work.

A film about the matriarch and her relationship to her children in the context of her own struggles as an infant. Using 100 photographic stills and a cacophony of sound, the child interrupts the parent and highlights the claustrophobia of parenting. Presenting the mother as a marginalised static figure unable to engage with the child in an internal way, the constantly moving energetic child externally covers the mother’s face, exchanging roles with the mother, the child’s internal emotions in the spoken narrative, becoming hers.

Dior Tarot Collection

I have a whole unpublished blog post on Tarot research. When I saw this collection and the video/images created with it I was very intrigued.

I found the styling and the sets very interesting and the choice of a renaissance style felt very fitting with the classic tarot deck. I particularly liked the hanging panel used to frame the subject (it looks like a hanging rug/tapestry) throughout the series.

Enda Burke

I love his use of colour and the sets he builds for his images. This is a lockdown project and I think it injects so much fun into what was often a very dull experience.

Scarlett Carlos Clarke