October 19, 2021

Research | Artists & Books

Kristina Varaksina – Self Portraits


I discovered this artist on Instagram, I was drawn to the image with her covered in red string as it is very similar to some of the ideas I’ve been having in respect of being tethered and unravelling in respect of my identity and the impact of motherhood. I then discovered the self-portrait where she’s cut off her own hair and it lays all around her, which felt very reminiscent of my mini shoot “Shedding”. Looking though her other images I am really drawn to her style and editing

Nina Franco SOBRE(VIVER) Series


Again I was drawn to this work because of the use of red threads but the images themselves then became more inspirational as I explored Nina’s work. This series explores violence against women and femicide. I am drawn to the way Nina uses materials in her work, how they exist beyond the frame and how they add visual metaphor to the imagery.

Alma Haser

There is so much to enjoy of Alma’s work. I love the series Pseudo as explores the idea of fake and real using paper, layering, folding and plants, then rephotographing the end result. By confusing the eye and contorting reality she seeks to create a similar effect to fake news. http://www.haser.org/pseudo

I also love the series Cosmetic Surgery, again the use of folded paper is used to distort

Rineke Dijkstra

Dijkstra was referenced in the comments of a recent lecture. I’m particularly interested in her series where she has photographed new mothers. The style in which they’re photographed with the white wall and the fact that the subjects are not shown to be happy and joyous but a little more solemn make these portraits really interesting.

Karen Navarro

It was a recommendation from a webinar that lead me to Navarro’s work. I really love the tangible quality and the cut out/3D aspect of Karen’s work.

Massimo Colonna – Isolation Series


Felicity McCabe

I really enjoyed the talk with Felcity McCabe in the week 4 content. I love her use of colour and light. I also found it really interested how she paired some of her still life shots with portraits. It’s something I feel inspired to try. https://felicitymccabe.com/

Mary Kelly Post-Partum Document

A multiyear project informed by feminist thinking and engagement with Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis. She uses a process of producing a visual representation of the mother-child relationship that does not image the body of either. The exception is one photograph of Kelly and her son posed almost like a modern-day Bellini Madonna – the mother, Mary, her hair in a halo-like arrangement, head inclined to gaze at the boy-child sitting upright on her lap.

Pixy Liao

Your Gaze Belongs to Me.