Mark Klett – Birthday Portraits

These “Birthday Portraits” by Mark Klett reminded me of the Mother’s Day portraits I take every year with my daughter.

Ahree Lee – Me

I was drawn to the video work of Lee from the video lectures in Canvas but it was discovering Lee’s Timesheet that I found something that really resonated with my practice.

Ahree Lee Timesheet: November 4–10, 2018

In the fall of 2018, I kept track of what I was doing all day long in a spreadsheet. Each activity I assigned to one of half a dozen different categories, including child care, housework, art practice, and sleep. I picked one week of that time period and during the course of my artist residency at the Women’s Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles, turned it into a series of seven weavings, one representing each day of that week. I wove them during weekly studio hours, on my floor loom that I moved into the space for the exhibition. By giving these ephemeral activities form through my weaving, I have created an analog data visualization of invisible and undervalued domestic labor and transformed it into an artwork with monetary and cultural value.

I also became intrigues by Lee’s Permutatuon’s moving image work

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