August 2, 2021

PH0701 | Assignment 2 Illustrated Proposal

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References | Figures

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Magazine mock-ups from

CRITICAL RESEARCH | current & future reading

Future Reading

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Completed during current module

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Tutor Feedback

Michelle’s feedback was, as always, constructive and valuable. She said that my proposal was a visual bombardment and it would have benefitted from being simplified in its presentation. The layout was overcomplicated and a stripped-back approach would have been more impactful.

She said it would have been useful for me to show the social media, magazine and online communities which I referenced.

She also said that I could have further unpicked how the work I referenced related to my work, the political and social methodology. More gender and feminism theory would have been a benefit and less about my work and processes so far [I was at the word limit and so I had to ask where to strip back if I was to add more in]. In future, I should specify which elements in other artists work relate to my work and why.

Assignment 2 Guidelines

To formalise your plans for your research project and help you to effectively plan and map out the development of your research project over the next year of the course, complete an Illustrated Research Project Proposal. It should be an engaging and enthusiastic document that communicates both your passion and enthusiasm for your project, and its broader relevance and importance.

Your proposal will:

  • Outline your plans for how you intend to develop your research project over the following threemodules / study blocks, providing an indicative schedule of key activities and/or stages of the project.
  • Define some of the objectives, concerns and themes of your research project, placing it within identifiable territories of contemporary photography and/or broader visual practices.
  • Describe and analyse progress on the project to date.
  • Communicate, using your own photographic work made during this module, suggestions of the visual strategies and methods you will be progressing in your research project.
  • Detail any costs you will incur, and how you intend to meet these, as well as the resources and skills you anticipate you will need and how you intend to acquire them.
  • Assess and analyse the limitations, risks and threats to the project, including ethical considerations, health and safety, and the environmental and ecological impact of your project.

Assignment Guidelines

The Illustrated Research Project Proposal should also include:

  • Bibliography of key critical resources relevant to your subject area. You may wish to subdivide into sources consulted to date and referred to in the text, and key resources you have identified and intend to scrutinise over the following modules. This should use Harvard style referencing.
  • Appendices, including:  

Appendices are not included in the word count.