October 17, 2019


I really value the power of great quality visuals, which I guess is no surprise as I’m a photographer.

However, not many photographers get on the other side of the camera to understand what it’s like to be there and as a result, they miss out on some really powerful imagery that they could use to elevate their brand and their business.

After all, a huge part of what people are investing in when they invest in a photography session is the time with the photographer. We like to think people are just interested in our images (of course this is a huge factor) but I truly believe that when working with a photographer the relationship you have with them is super important. Your chosen photographer should feel like a good fit on a personal level. They should make you feel at ease and make you feel good and excited about the images you’re producing together.

Your relationship with your photographer will reflect back in your images.

Imagine if you felt uncomfortable or lacked confidence when you were working with your chosen photographer. It would read in your expressions and body language. So I really believe in getting to know each other.

So here I am. Letting you see how working with me looks and hopefully what you can expect.