May 22, 2023

Lens Culture Portfolio Feedback

Hello Adele-

To begin with, your images are aesthetically very refined. You have a wonderful sense of technique. And the images project a confidence and balance of formal elements. Most images in this series feel resolved to me. 

In response to your request for feedback, I will go through the images individually. But as a blanket statement, I personally feel that single images are a somewhat difficult idea to wrap my head around. When it comes to images like yours that are about complicated ideas that are being worked out through form and content, it often takes several images to achieve a holistic VISUAL understanding of the holistic idea/s that you are exploring. So, while the images definitely have an immediate allure, I would recommend that you consider submitting series of your work in the future. To be clear, that’s not to say that the jury won’t select your photographs: they might. But in terms of projecting the fullest experience of your work as an artist, I feel sharing series of your work may be your best bet.


Image 1 is an incredibly difficult photograph to pull off. All those off-white tones are difficult to manage while maintaining enough separation to achieve narrative. So, from an aesthetic standpoint alone, I love this photograph. And the content and ideas are deep and thoughtful. It’s always going to be up to you, but I recommend you scale back slightly on your caption writing. As of now, you are telling the viewer everything that everything means in your photographs. And that doesn’t leave much for their imagination. Perhaps you can provide some key points and then leave some of the work up to the audience. 

Image 2, from an aesthetic standpoint, reminds me a bit of Arnulf Rainer’s work. If you don’t know his painted self-portraits, definitely check them out. And not only is the photograph itself very interesting, but your choice to photograph it the way you did–framed, on a wall with a lot of space around it–is very smart. It’s a very effective and resonant image and presentation. 


Image 3 definitely captures a certain sense of scope and grandeur. I like how the figure is diminished/dwarfed by the enormous trees in this space. And the colors are of course quite a presence in the scene. While the image is alluring on its own, to me this is a good example of a photograph that could benefit from inclusion in a larger selection of images exploring a similar topic.


Same for image 4. It’s an intriguing and provocative moment. There’s definitely references to the Madonna and the use of color is poignant. But again, I would like to see this photograph amidst others. That being said, I also paused on the lighting in and processing of this photograph. To me, the photograph gets a little dark and blocked up in the center–around the plant.


Image 5 is definitely a beautiful photograph. And the delicate details and attention to light is wonderful. My sense is that this photograph would make a beautiful print. On its own, I don’t feel it is as distinctive as some of your other photographs. Again, if in a series, I feel like it could really sing an important part in a larger song.

It’s a pleasure to review your images, Adele. Your photographs are thought-provoking and reflect a high degree of skill and attention. I hope to learn more about you and your work when I visit your website. 

Thanks for sharing your images and wishing you the best of luck. 

Artist Bio

“My work examines how society, influence and power interact with identity, authenticity and a sense of belonging. My work in part seeks to explore the ever-shifting and fluid boundaries between who we feel we are in any one moment and the parts of ourselves we conceal or change in order to feel both a sense of belonging and safety. I invite us to challenge the stereotypes and expectations we have and to envision new possibilities for how we see ourselves and each other.”