June 5, 2022

Initial 1:1 Prep

Preparation for my initial 1:1.

My initial 1:1 was really useful and a great way to start the module. We discussed my past work as well as some of the ideas I’ve had for the current module and decided that I would take two ideas further and then at week 4 see where the work has taken me before fixing a final idea for this module’s WIP.

These are the two ideas that I will take further..

I’m currently trying to brainstorm a way the two ideas could be merged into one project and as I do I’m mindful of the pieces that caught my eye the most at Photo London and how the collections I was drawn to consisted of a mixture of subject matter (still life, portrait, architecture) but that they hung together through the colour palettes and the idea of texture. I’m wondering if I could achieve something similar, by using a colour palette across both works so that perhaps they could sit together side by side.

Clare recommended visiting The Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Hayward Gallery but sadly the exhibition has ended.


I found this video footage of inside the exhibition on youtube…

Louise Bourgeois Woven Child


Sorrowings by Lenka Cisarova

Ilona Landbroek

Mia Dudek

Skin, latex, concrete. Colour Palette.