June 21, 2021

In Lure of New Worlds | Archana Pathak

Archana Pathak is a Textile Artist who creates the most beautiful pieces of artwork. I had the absolute pleasure of photographing her latest work which will be showing at the Artefact 2021 Exhibition at Ruup & Form gallery June 22 – June 27, 2021. Below you can see the 7 pieces which form her exhibit along with her process and the techniques she used. I love the concept behind her work and I’m so excited to work with her again in the future.

In Lure of New Worlds  | Archana Pathak

In Lure of New Worlds is a new series of work that continues my explorations of the interplay among memory,  place, identity and belonging, through a meditative process of repetitive stitching. Each piece represents an abstract map of an imagined new world.  

My technique involves shredding printed fabrics of collected old maps and other artefacts, which make my thread for embroidery. Through these, I have stitched maps of new worlds that are without borders, boundaries or identities; instead, these new worlds are an abstraction of balance, harmony and co-existence.  

Through the process of making seven spheres, I am witnessing slow shaping of my own world and hoping to  witness the shift in the outside world during these exceptional times, into a changed world – more connected and  in harmony with nature. As the writer Arundhati Roy beautifully articulated, “Another world is not only possible,  she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”  

  • Displaced: a piece reflecting on a new world that connects, embraces and mends  
  • Of two Lands: a landscape made of two places coming together, bringing forth the space of duality of ones belonging. This work reflects my own identity flows across India and the UK.  
  • Melange: a place made up of many places providing space for co-existence and for different identities to  evolve  
  • Imagined landscape – it is literally a landscape of an imagined place made of many places travelled,  imagined, dreamt, lived, displaced from and hoped for  
  • On: a place on the map that you are physically at or connected with – a home or a home away from  home  
  • Coalesce: a place of coming together… as a coherent whole  
  • Core: reflection on the fact that we are part of nature; we are not separate; that we are nature.