September 7, 2021

Hybrid Photography Course

I watched an amazing course by Danny Bittencourt which focused on various types of Hybrid photography using formal techniques (such as applying paint, collage or embroidery to prints) informal techniques (such as using holes and lights, rust or scraping the print) and gesture techniques (such as freezing, burning or burying images).

This particular course felt exciting to me, the process Danny uses centres around trying to portray an emotion or concept which is something that really interests me. She then uses techniques that best give meaning to that concept which adds meaning to the final image.

Some of the techniques she used included:

  • Placing water over a print and freezing it
  • Burying a print in dirt and the retrieving it after some time
  • Placing water drops on the print and rephotographing it
  • Using coffee to stain a print
  • Using watercolour and salt to stain a print
  • Creating holes across the print and then using light at the back of the print to rephotograph

Other ideas

  • Setting fire to an image
  • I like the idea of my images being weathered, I like the idea of the print being exposed to the elements and being altered by them but still remaining, albeit in a different form after experiencing them.
  • Tearing up an image to fragment it. Then perhaps using the fragments to create something new.
  • Using the elements, earth, fire, water/icer and air.
  • Light shining through a tear in a print
  • Smoke whilst rephotographing
  • Slow shutter while rephotographing to create motion blur.
  • Peroxide? as used in hair lightening.
  • Red wine
  • Acetone/acid
  • Nail polish
  • Hair

Danny Bittencourt Images

Inspirational References

Referenced in the Hybrid Photography Course:

Jose Romussi

Embroidery on photos.

This collection was realized with Rocio Aguirre’s pictures which gather picture, embroidery and typography. These pieces come from the idea that creation can perfectly arise from the movements of daily life, a bad idea or an accident.

Madame Pagu.

Collage using multiple of the same print to create a repetition as a technique and stitching and fabric.

Helena Almeida

Using acrylic paint on prints

Laurence Demasion

Amy Friend

Using light and holes on printed photographs

Sofia Dimitrova