For this series of images I wanted to explore the idea of the image we create of ourselves for the external world to see both in photographs and online.

I wanted to explore how we trap ourselves inside an invisible box, which we don’t really notice is there, until we try to step outside of it.

As I press up against the glass of the picture frame, that is keeping me contained within the image of myself that I’ve created, I can feel the “reality” that I have bound myself within. The reality that I have created of myself that I have to now exist within the boundaries of.

In the images above, I started with a simple straight forward image, unaltered as a starting point to the series. As I was working in post production with the images that I took before applying paint to the acrylic I was using the multiply blend mode to line up the picture frame on each layer, as it had moved slightly between frames. As I was doing so I really enjoyed the combination of some of the images. It gave a sense of movement and a feeling of the subject wanting to move and get out of the frame.

I then moved on and applied some acrylic paint onto the perspect “glass” in the frame.

I wanted to play with the idea of what we display as ourselves as a construct of what society has deemed as acceptable, in terms of gender, beauty etc. As we butt up against these expectations (which may on one level seem to be invisible but that we can sense and feel when we do not neatly sit within their bounds ) we butt up against a societal image created to suit male comfort and pleasure (the male gaze).

I wanted to explore this concept by using a grey/blue acrylic paint on the acrylic glass of the picture frame to show the invisible becoming visible as the subject in the image collides against the bounds that contain them, the bounds that represent societal expectations for what it is to be a woman.

The idea behind the images below was to show the paint revealing itself as I pushed up against the glass.

I also tried layering the images again to see how they looked. Again it gave a sense of movement. As though I was trying to move around and either explore or escape the boundaries of this images I was contained within.

I really enjoyed creating these images and I enjoy how they looked as edited pieces. One things I’m not sure about is the white of the frame against the white wall in the background. I’m note sure if it becomes a bit of an optical illusion and looks as thought I’m embedded into the wall and I’m looking out of a sort of window frame. I do wonder if a different wall colour would have produced a more obvious image of a picture frame hung on the wall.

I have also considered using a a perspect cube to physically try and get inside of, with some paint but I think this would have to be of considerable size and would require a space big enough to house it, which at this current time is impracticable.