September 27, 2019


Branding is such a power way to be recognised and remembered by you potential clients. The psychology research says that people on average have to see a brand 8 times before deciding to make a purchase.

Why? Because the first time we see something we think oh that’s interesting/nice but we don’t buy because we’ve not heard about the person or company before. Then we see them somewhere else and then again and slowly we start to feel more comfortable about that brand and we become more likely enquire or make a purchase.

To make it easier for people to recognise us and connect the memories of where they’ve seen us before we need to make sure what they see looks consistent and recognisable as us.

Ways we can do this is…


Choose colours that reflect you and what you do, and use them consistently.


Choose fonts (a header and a general writing font) and use these consistently


When posting on social media consider how your feed looks as a whole and try and keep some consistency in how your posts look.

4. YOU

Show your face! I know this can be a tough one. BUT people buy from people and if I think back about when I’ve bought or even just followed a business online, it’s usually after seeing the person behind the business and getting to know them.

5. Imagery

Create a catalogue of visual content that you can draw on whenever you want to post to Social Media so you know what you’re using is consistent and it’s so much quicker and easier to just pluck what you need when you need it rather than having to set up or take/make a visual on the spot each time.