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It’s all about the experience your clients get with your brand

Now more than ever clients are shopping online and it's our job to catch their attention amongst all the noise and get them to stop and take a second look.

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To do that in a way that is filled with ease can feel difficult. Having a branding shoot that captures you and your business in a way that reflects your personality and who you are allows you to show up as you every time you post. Having a catalogue of images to choose from allows you to post more consistently as your visual content is already professionally prepared and consistent with you brand and your values.

Showing up online is key to attracting clients so they can get to know, like & trust us.

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We plan the shoot


Together we’ll plan the session. I will guide you on location, outfits, poses, props, accessories. For every element, we plan I’ll be there to help you and guide you. With your knowledge of your business and brand and my photography skills, we’ll be able to plan a shoot that will give you amazing images to use over and over again in your marketing.

We create stunning images


As an introvert who hates being in front of the camera I want you to know it will be relaxed and fun and you’ll hardly realise the camera was there. Having planned out our session together we’ll know exactly what we’re aiming for so on the day we can relax into it and have lots of fun.

You receive


A bank of wonderfully branded images that will represent you and your business beautifully and consistently as you advertise across social media. Professional images that you can be proud of and gain confidence from as you show up online. You’ll receive images resized so they’re ready to post straight onto your chosen social media platforms, taking all the faff out of finding and curating the visual content in your feeds.

How can a branding photo shoot help my business?


What's the difference between brand and product photography

1. It can save you a huge amount of time. You'll have a bank of images to use in your social media feeds ready to go whenever you're wanting to post.

2.Consistent professional on brand images help you achieve a polished professional look online. It adds credibility and shows what you do in the very best light.

3. It will give you the confidence to show up online more, which in turn will help you attract more clients and make more money.

Product photography is just that, I photography your products as flat lays or as lifestyle images.

Brand photography not only captures your product or service but also you and the whole of what you have to offer. People buy from people and being able to share more about yourself and what your brand is all about will help you sell more of your product/service.

Fancy having a chat and getting to know more about me and what I can help you with?

We can jump on a call and get to know each other. I can find out more about you and your business and you can ask all the questions you need.


Multiple locations/outfits | 150 images

Behind the scenes, lifestyle & studio images

Brand visuals and a huge bank of images

A couple of locations/outfits | 30 images

90 minute session

Single location/outfit | 5 images

30 minute session




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