June 2, 2021

Authenticity | Why Art Photography?


goal of authenticity – exploration of self, more relational and less self- indulgent

Foster – photography is perpetually restating the trauma of our missed encounters with the real.

Rather than total breakdown of the self they propose a subtle renegotiation of the barriers between private and public, self and world and self and other.

Nan Goldin – The balled of sexual dependency, Nan one month after being beaten, Heartbeat series
Sally Mann
Cindy Sherman

Romanticism – personal freedom as a key goal of self discovery
Modern psychology – childhood feelings, desires and needs lie at the core of who we really are.
Guignon – both these models can be dangerously asocial

…. activate the audience to consider the ways in which the photographs are embedded in maps of social power relationships rather than looking to the individual markers as origin and endpoint of meaning.

This seems to relate to what I’ve been looking into in terms of lineage, all the ways in which we are a product of all the external influences and systems/culture which we have grown in. How the art we produce is informed by the art that came before and the art which culture deemed to be recorded and important enough to be taught in the classrooms and textbooks.

Ryan McGinley – You and I – style rather than struggle. Authenticity requires a sense of inquiry.

The selfie is a product of a capitalist culture in which individuals are expected to conform, to societal ideals. “Ideal self” presented.

Whilst researching the photographers referenced I found this image which I love. The colours are stunning and the lighting beautiful.