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I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years and I love creating images. I've studied and worked across many genres of Photography and most recently my work has been focused on newborn, baby & child photography. I have worked in Photography and Graphic Design professionally over the years with my heart always coming back to photography.

My daughter started school this last year which should have opened up the space and time to allow me to go back to what I love the most and create more personal work & projects. The global pandemic & a whole lot of homeschooling has delayed my plans a little but I'm raring to go & can't wait to share what I create with you.

Personal Statement

I am at a stage in my life/career where I feel a need to pursue my work as a photographer and artist in a more personal, artistic and reflective way. I started my photographic training 17 years ago and I have maintained a continual and ongoing practice of developing skills to allow me to create a standard of work that I have aspired to achieve. I have taken training courses each and every year to improve my skills as a photographer, whether in person or online with both professionals in my field and with institutions such as the Open College of Arts. I became a self employed photographer running my own business 13 years ago and since then I have built a business and career that I am really proud of.

As I transitioned from the corporate world into photography my focus was always on becoming a successful photographer in terms of sustainably earning a living from the work I created, which has predominantly been through portraiture work. For years I dedicated all my time and energy serving clients, upgrading my skills, marketing and running my business. Whilst I’m immensely proud of all I have achieved, it has for me, in recent years, lacked the meaning and depth that originally drew me to photography in the first place.

Since having my daughter nearly 5 years ago, I have had a much deeper desire to create art with meaning and now that she has started school it feels like the exact right time to invest my time, energy and focus back into what drew me to the practice in the first place. The past five years has been an intense journey of personal self discovery and reflection and these years have added more depth and meaning into my life and that has resulted in an intense desire to create a body of work that is meaningful to me.

In addition to the timing of my daughter starting school this last year I have also observed how the impacts of COVID (with the various UK lockdowns) have disproportionately affected certain sections of society more than others. This has re-awoken a desire within me to create art that reflects and addresses the social landscape which we exist within. I want to document and peel back the layers of why and how women assume the roles in society that they do, looking at the identities they take on outwardly in order to fit the mould that society expects of them. Beyond the societal expectations I am also incredibly interested in how the experiences of the generations before us have woven their way into our identities, expectations and the choices we make. I’m intrigued by the idea of intergenerational psychology and epigenetics and how they impact our sense of identity within society.

The photography I want to create is an exploration of identity, psychology and genetic/psychological lineage and the impacts these have on how we form our identities and personalities within the society in which we live. I have a particular interest in how these topics influence the experiences of women entering motherhood and the relationships that mould and form the expectations and experiences of both the mother and then in turn the child. I also have a deep fascination with symbolism which I would love to weave into the imagery I create.

I feel that this course would give me the structure, focus and the ability to bring my ideas into form and allow me to create a cohesive body of work. The aspect of the course that I would be most excited about, is the feedback, guidance and critique from the tutors as I embark on creating work with artistic merit. I am eager to consider critical theories and theoretical approaches to photography and in general deepen my knowledge and understanding of photography as an artform.

Most of my photographic training and knowledge has thus far been in perfecting an end product for the portrait consumer. I think that the shift from consumer focused photography to project based photography will require new thought processes and skills alongside external feedback/guidance that I think this course will provide.

Why am I suitable for this course…. I believe I have, over the many years practicing as a photographer, gained a solid grasp of the technical skills of photography/lighting and digital editing/retouching. I also believe that for the first time in my life I can personally bring real depth and meaning to the photography I want to create. I have a deep passion and drive to pour myself into creating a body of work. I think the combination of my existing skills and the desire and interest I have to create a cohesive photographic series on a subject that is both meaningful and endlessly fascinating to me makes this course an ideal match to where I am on my photographic journey, both in terms of the dedication and commitment I’m looking to give and the skills and talents that I can bring to my work. I hope that this makes me a suitable candidate for this course.




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Studio Experience

I've been a specialist Newborn & Baby Photographer since 2014.

Prior to this I predominantly worked as a Wedding Photographer.

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